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North Shore Breakdown and Accident Assistance

No one wants car accidents to happen, including us. This, however, is a part of life. In case this happens, you need immediate help both for yourself and your vehicle. When you need to remove the vehicle from the scene and take it elsewhere, you want the professionals to do it. This is where we come in.

Efficient Service When You Need It

East Coast Bays Towing provides swift, professional accident and breakdown towing services in Auckland. We ensure that your vehicle is properly taken care of and is safely delivered to our yard or to your preferred service centre.

We have a growing fleet of tow trucks that can handle most vehicle types. Our specialists will gladly assist you with any towing needs, ensuring your vehicle gets transferred with minimal damages as possible. Whether you need accident towing or a simple breakdown towing, our vehicle recovery operatives are always on standby, ready to drive down and lend a helping hand.
Professionals providing towing services during breakdown

Comprehensive Towing Work

We have team of fully-trained vehicle recovery technicians with vast experience in the field. Know that when you work with them, they’ll be doing their best to get you back on the road as safely and swiftly as possible.

For vehicles that have simply broken down, our breakdown towing services can tow you to a convenient garage, repair centre, or even back to your home. We understand that getting stuck somewhere on a roadside is a big inconvenience, which is why keep our rates low and competitive. We don’t want to add any more to your problems.

For vehicular accidents, our team responds quickly to calls for efficient accident towing services. We have the equipment to help motorists in minor or major accidents and breakdowns. Our operators practise due care in providing the appropriate accident towing services for all kinds of vehicles.

Wait in safety and let our team handle your vehicle breakdown problem.
Emergency car towing services
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